Thursday, 24 March 2011

Preparation for the NAF Championship

So we have just over a month to wait for the NAF Championship in May. But I am still undecided what Blood Bowl team to take. With two teams still unpainted I need to pick one and crack on with finishing them. Do I take a human or lizard men team?

I started to paint my lizard man team in the style of Everblight (see below). But the end colour's were a bit bland for my taste and my skill with the brush has not yet got to that level. I still like the brown blending to black scheme. Which I thought looked a bit rock like and maybe even volcanic. With the lizard theme being tribal, this seemed to fit in with those tiny volcano islands. With that in mind I have gone for yellow to red blending. The miniature's below are not finished but you get to see the the gist of what I am going for.



Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mantic Elves

In an effort to create the second team for the challenge I bought two boxes of the Mantic elves. I also bought some green stuff and instant mold. The later two are excellent and I'll make a post soon on them. But the Mantic elves are the wrong size. See picture. I have included a few other models in the picture so you get a feeling of size. The dwarfs from Mantic were perfect.

I am also working on a human team called the 'Copper Catchers'. Not sure of I am taking humans or lizard men to the NAF championship.