Monday, 29 November 2010

The Challenge

As well as my usual posts, I am undertaking a challenge. The challenge is to see if I can get a decent Blood Bowl setup for around £30, I picked that amount as that is the price of a single team and under the cost of the box set by £20.

So the requirements:
Two painted teams, and all the things you need to play a game of Blood Bowl.

The restrictions:
I will not buy used items, so no buying a cheap team from eBay. This is a real option when buying teams but I wanted to create teams that someone else can repeat if they wanted too.
The teams and setup need to be good enough so they wouldn't embarrass someone who wanted to go to tournaments. So no bit’s of paper to represent player’s.
Saying that I will not include the price of glue, paper, printing and delivery but will include paints and paint.

The plan:
I want to blog the process of doing this and include links to what I buy, so feel to comment and give suggestions.

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