Saturday, 18 June 2011

Three Projects Part 1: Dark Elves

I am putting 3 blood bowl teams together. This is the first. A dark elf team made up from 40k miniatures. The main-stay are Dark Eldar Wyches and my two witch huntes are Lelith Hesperax miniatures. So she wouldn't look too out of place, one is mounted on a willy miniature blood bowl ball, and the other on the head of a black orc. To get the ball and head to stand up enough so Lelith wasn't leaning I have pinned them to the base. I am not very good with green stuff, so the black orc's neck is made of some orc arm so you get to see the muscle.

I have not come up with a name yet but I think the main colour for the team will be a dark navy blue. I'll post more when I am further along painting them.

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