Sunday, 3 July 2011

Project 1: Dark Elf Runner

Dark Elf Runner by pressie74
Dark Elf Runner, a photo by pressie74 on Flickr.

This is a little update on Project 1, the Dark Elf team. The picture is the miniture for the runner position. It is the Mandrake Games Workshop miniature. I will use 2 for runners and 2 for assassins, if I ever include an assassin in the team.
I have trimmed the weapon and replaced it with a green stuff football. So he fits in with the rest of the team he has arm plates. I am not the best at green stuff sculpting, so they are made with card board from a cereal box. I cut the piece's out then dampened with a little water so the card board bends without creasing. Then glued and added a light wash of PVA to hopefully seal the card board and make it easier to paint.

Back view


  1. Looks good. I just think the ball looks too big. Footballs are about the size of a players head.

  2. I am sort of with you on the ball size, I tried to make it a similar size to the ball the orcs and humans hold which come with the box.

  3. Very smart choice of minis! Love those mandrakes and would get some myself if I was building a DE team at the moment.
    The ball however does look rather big for the guy...(I've had similar problems when converting other BB teams (mostly elves and human teams), and I've opted to respect the scale within the team rather then the scale provided by other teams.
    But hey that's just a detail, I'm sure the team will look a cool anyway!