Sunday, 30 October 2016

Project 5: Wood Elf Custom Blood Bowl Team

The newest team is a joint one with my daughter who loves doing crafts of all types so we are doing this project together. Well she is doing most of it, I am just helping with tips and the odd idea.

We are both relative beginners at green stuff so we are using a combination of card board with PVC and simple green stuff shapes.

To keep costs down the team is built from Mirkwood Rangers as they have a range of dynamic poses.

The weapons are clipped off and quivers removed. The simple green stuff tails are used to cover up marks.

The box comes with 10 elves, so we have bought a single tree man from old sprues of Sylvaneth Dryads from ebay. You can often get them from places like

Here is the full team of 11 for around £30, depending on how the painting goes we may fill out the ranks with custom war dancers. We have added the odd shoulder pad with card board and sculpted a ball for a thrower and added a severed orcs head to scare the opposition.

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