Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Challenge: Dwarf Team

The first team I put together is going to be the cheapest I can get it and cost will dictate the team selection. I have two ideas a dwarf and an undead or Khemri teams. An issue to putting a team together is the variation of model and player. So an Orc team made up of goblins, troll and different positional Orc players might be to many model variations to do cheaply.

Possible Dwarf team

Due to them consisting of the same race and don’t all dwarf’s look the same anyway I have found my first possible team.

I am hoping I can modify this set of Dwarf’s enough to create Blockers, Runners and Blitzers.

As no Dwarf team would be without a troll slayer, I am thinking the following model could be modified to be my slayer.
The miniatures for Mantic would come in at a cost of £12. £8 for the dwarfs and £4 for the Berserker. Looking through their miniatures I could source both teams from them, but I also want to look at other miniature manufacturers.

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