Monday, 13 December 2010

The Challenge: Not all acrylics are created equal.

In an effort to keep costs down, I thought I would see how just a normal set of acrylics came out. The set of 12 was £3, with the 3 brushes at £1.50 the painting material’s came out at £4.50. This would leave me £17.50 for my second team and game material’s, which seems achievable.

I picked my Dwarf runner mounted him on a paint pot and applied the white undercoat. The paint did not cover the miniature very well. It was thin, gloopy and provided a very uneven surface. Keeping my chin up I applied another coat and then the main base colour’s. The end result was horrible. The paint had a weird shine to it and the whole process of painting (which I usually love) was awkward. The brick that crushed the camels back was when I tried to apply a wash made from the acrylic. This can usually cover your dodgy paint job but only made it a million times worse.

So off to a jar of Dettol and water to strip the plastic miniature. If you want to see a guide to using Dettol to strip you miniatures a good article can be found here.

IMG_4713So I’ll have to re-buy my paints and try a different avenue. Does this mean the challenge is over? The answers is no, I plan to cost only the things that contribute to making the Blood Bowl set. Therefore this experiment will have to go into the lessons learnt pile.

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