Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Challenge: First Purchase Dwarf pack of 10

As the Dwarf’s came out the cheapest I have bought the pack of Dwarf Ironclad troops from Mantic. They come in a plastic box. At first I thought this was a waste till I realised they are meant to be a carrying case to hold the set.

What you get

This is a neat idea and sets the tone as the box isn’t just a little set of dwarfs but a few well thought out extras.

Main SprueYou get two identical sprues which hold 5 dwarfs. You also get on each sprue an Orc head, tankard, bull dog model, dead dwarf and a few extra arms and dwarf heads.Maybe the dead/drunk Dwarf could be used a team members saving the £4. I may leave the Slayer model to the side to see if we have the money towards the end of the challenge. The other pieces like the bull dog models could be used as themed turn and re-roll counters. Even the spare Dwarf heads could be used as the ball.

Free of shields
About 6 of the model’s come with the shield as a separate piece which is good for a Blood Bowl team. One of the arms on these miniature's are also separate so you can put them in different poses.

Molded ShieldsThe over 4 figures come with their shield attached to the extent I not could separate without destroying the piece. Two of these figures also have their axes attached, but these shouldn't be to much trouble to remove. It is a shame. But then again these are not fantasy football miniatures and we are only using them to keep costs down. Saying that I think the set should look good and I am pleased with the extras. The bulldog’s might also give me the theme for the Dwarf team, I may try and find a bull dog symbol to place on the shields. Here is a link to all of the pictures taken.

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