Friday, 3 December 2010

The Challenge: Undead Team

As I said in the last blog entry the other team is Undead or Khemri. Though the Khemri team is more of a dry skeleton's and mummy’s, I could get away with just changing the paint work to sandy colours rather than wet rotten reds and purples.

This set of ghoul’s could be modified to make the main set of your team.

Or if you wanted to have skeletons this set could fill in for them again at £8.
Games workshop also do a cheap set of skeletons for £5.Or if we wanted to spend a little more we can get this troop of 10 for £15.

If we had spare money in the budget I would definitely go for these mummies from Willy Miniatures.

So at a push this team at it’s cheapest would be £13.

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