Friday, 17 December 2010

The Challenge: A new set of paints

So after the cheap acrylic disaster I needed to find a set of paints. Getting a starter set of paints is not really an option as the starter Games Workshop set comes in a budget breaking £18.00. So the idea is to see if we can come up with a scheme to use minimum colour’s. As we can mix and dilute the paint to get different colour’s and washers. I decided to settle on 4 colour’s to try and reach the goal. Black, white, green, red and yellow. Yellow gives me a better colour to lighten the red and green than just using white. Shading with just black and white can sometimes lead to grey looking tones.

Now I just needed to decide one who’s paints to use. My own collection is a mix of Games Workshop and Vallejo paints. GW’s paint’s are great and the washer’s are my favourite paints to use. But GW paints cost £2.25 a pot, so would cost me £11.25. Vallejo also do excellent paints and have the advantage of coming out at only £1.70 a pot which means a total of £8.50. They also
come in handy bottle form which let’s you use droplets of your paint on the palette.

Another alternative is enamel paints from Humbrol or Revell and come out at an even better price of £1.12. But they take a while to dry and you have to use white spirit to wash your brushes. As a test though I think I’ll try to paint a model using the enamels (a friend has kindly let me use his set to paint) just to see how they compare.

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