Friday, 21 January 2011

The Challenge: Let the Elf Decide

The 10 Wyches have been assembled. Which was quite fiddly with my old stubby fingers as the models are very thin and you have to be extra careful not to bend or snap them when removing them from the sprue. The plastic which holds them to the frame is thicker than the flimsy spiky pads on their shoulders..

The models have had all their guns trimmed but I have left weapons like daggers and swords as they still seem to fit the Dark Elf theme of cheating and stabbing their way to victory. The box only comes with 10 miniatures, but like with most Games Workshop models you get a range of body parts so you are only a pair of legs and body to get to your 11th or 12th man.

That is where this excellent site comes in They sell bits of sprue's so all I need are legs and body to complete the team. This meant it only cost me an extra £1 to complete the team. Bringing the team to £15 ($24).




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