Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Challenge: Possible team 2?

When I looked at purchasing the first team my primary goal was price. I came up with 2 possible teams the dwarf team which are now painted and an undead team. We could go with the undead team or purchase the Elves from Mantic. Which could look like a Pro Elf team with a little trimming. But for the second team I'd like to buy a team, which I would like to play and from a different manufacturer.

My first look will be an orc team. I like the way orc's can play as an attrition (a team which relies on brute force to win a match) team but still move the ball quickly. A good set are the Ork Boyz from Games Workshop.
I started to put together an Orc team before I started the blog so I already have the set. They cost £15.50 from Games Workshop. But I managed to pick them up from my local game store for £14.00 as they do a 10% discount on all Games Workshop stock. The www.wargamestore.com has to be one of my favourite stores around, you can always pop in there for a chat and buy some miniatures. Like I said I have already bought these miniatures but thought I would post to give you more options when buying your second team.

I have not yet finished painting them but here is what they look like at the moment. The set comes with 11 miniatures so you could use them as a complete second team.


Orc Linemen

Orc Blitzers

Orc Throwers

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