Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Challenge: Second purchase Dark Eldar

So this is the second team. It takes the budget to £30.50 (damn you VAT increase) but I bought them just wanting to assemble, paint and make them into a team. I may yet see if I can buy cheaper miniatures and show a few different options to make up the Blood Bowl set. I am thinking the final challenge posts could be made up of a few different sets to show a range of budgets.

Anyway on to the miniature overview. This set of figures is £6 more expensive than the Mantic dwarfs. You don't get the plastic box for transporting the miniatures or the extra theme pieces.

The miniatures just come in the standard cardboard box and a basic assembly manual. What is better than the dwarfs is the amount of detail in the plastic and the greater range of optional arms, heads, bodies etc... The models themselves are also in more pieces. This allows for a greater range of posers which is good for making them into a Blood Bowl team. There are more pictures here if you want to see what comes in the box.


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