Saturday, 1 January 2011

Skaven Team: Purple Drain

Here are a few pictures of my main team of Skaven called ‘Purple Drain’. They are a Prince themed team with yellow and purple colours.



I took this to to my second tournament the Ironmanj One-dayer II. Here is my team sheet and I came a respectable 8th position. I put this down to the Skaven being very forgiving when I made mistakes and also tips on team selection from a fellow long time Blood Bowl player. If you just play Blood Bowl online or in a private league I would recommend trying a tournament. The tournaments have been a pleasant surprise. All players attending are very relaxed and willing to help you out. The whole atmosphere is welcoming and it’s good to meet fellow Blood Bowl players.



  1. Hey found your Blog and recocnized your Skaven, I played you at the Ironmaj One-Dayer, 3rd match, I played Vampires! Like your stuff a lot! Hope to see you at another Tournie!!

  2. I am currently playing at the Waterbowl and I am going to the NAF Championship... Thanks for the comment :D