Monday, 17 January 2011

The Challenge: Team 1 Dwarfs Painted

As you can see the first team has been painted with a total of 12 miniatures for the price of £8. Depending on budget I may replace the blue troll slayers with miniatures which look more like a troll slayer. But for now they will have to do. Overall I am pleased with the miniatures. But now they are all done I regret just going with green. I actually prefer the Blitzer's with white helmets. The troll slayers are blue, which meant I had to buy a 5th paint pot eating up my budget.

The team make-up is the following:
1 & 2 are Blitzers and have white helmets and cloaks so they look different from the Blockers.
3 & 4 are the Runners and are carrying orc head's like footballs.
5 - 10 are the blockers all have green helmets.
11 & 12 are my temporary troll slayers and come a extra theme pieces in the mantic set.




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